Best price for centrifugal high pressure boiler feed water horizontal multistage pump

Centrifugal High Pressure Boiler Water Feed Horizontal Multistage Pump=== OVERVIEW ===Model QDG Stainless Steel Housing Material and Free standing Installation heat pump swimming pool heater is a horizontal multistage centrifugal boiler feed pump and suitable for transporting liquid (with the contained foreign matters\' con

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Centrifugal High Pressure Boiler Water Feed Horizontal Multistage Pump

Centrifugal High Pressure Boiler Water Feed Horizontal Multistage Pump Best Price

=== OVERVIEW ===

Model QDG Stainless Steel Housing Material and Free standing Installation heat pump swimming pool heater is a horizontal multistage centrifugal boiler feed pump and suitable for transporting liquid (with the contained foreign matters' content less than l % and graininess less than 0. 1mm) and other liquids.
QDG model middle and low pressure boiler fuel pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 105ºC, and is also applicable for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water.
QDG model hypo high pressure boiler water supply pump is used to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 160ºC, and is also applicable for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water.

Type QD(G) high pressure Stainless Steel Housing Material and Free standing Installation heat pump swimming pool heater are used for feeding high pressure boiler or pumping high pressure fuel.
The temperature of pumped media is not more than 170ºC.
1)Municipal engineering ,Wastewater treatment ,constructional engineering 
2)Agricultural irrigation , transfer water ,etc.
3)High-rise buildings water supply and drainage, and for fire working
4)Factory and mining for distance water supply and drainage
5)Circulation water supply for production process
6)Cooling systems of air-conditioning in hotels
7)Domestic water supply

=== PARAMETER === 

Range of capacity: 120-1100m3/h
Range of total head:967- 2500m

The Stainless Steel Housing Material and Free standing Installation heat pump swimming pool heater is supported by both ends, and casing portion is sectional.
Connected with motor by flexible coupling For rotating direction, viewing from the motor end.
1. The boiler feedwater pumps are sectional casing,multistage centrifugal pumps. The suction casing, stage casing and discharge casings are rigidly held together by tie bolts. The joints between these casings are primarily sealed by means of metal-metal contact. Simultaneously,O-rings are used as auxiliary seals.
2. The shafts of these pumps are sealed by soft-packing and cooling water. Mechanical seal can be used according to the client's requirement.
3. The rotating assembly is supported by sliding bearings on both ends of the pump shaft. Bearings of pump are forced-lubricated. The oil system is equipped for type QD(G) pump The axial thrust of rotor is balanced by balance disc. And the thrust bearing is also provided which is sed to bear residual axial force caused by the change of working conditions.
The assembly quality of the boiler feedwater pump will result in a notable affection to the performance and the running stability of it and can not be guaranteed unless the technical requirements in the drawings are strictly followed in the assembly, such as on the alignment between the centers of the impeller's outlet and the guide vane's inlet. the uniform values of the sealing intervals of both rotor and stator portions etc.  
Covering angle and central line posit ion adjustment. check the equipments at least in the fol lowing three periods and take adjustment:
The first time, both pump and foundation are secured while the motor is not.
The second time, both pump and motor are secured while the bolts on the suck-in and spitting pipeline flanges are not.
The third time is in 24 hours after the pump starts running,then secure both pump and motor

The boiler feedwater pump is allowed to run within the set parameter range only.
The pump is not allowed to run with the spitting valve closed or closed to a little opening, or it will be caused heated and duration lowered. Each pump is required to run under the special parameters so as to guarantee the flow of it if mounted in a parallel system.
The pump can not run with the suck-in valve closed, or it may be dried moving to cause parts damaged.
The medium the pump transports can not contain air or gas, or both flow and head of the pump may not be accurately measured and, meanwhile, grinding maybe produced to damage parts.
This pump is not allowed to transport any material with grains, or both pump efficacy and part duration may be lowered.
To keep the boiler feedwater pump in a high effective and stable work, it must be often repaired, the items of repair and the interval between every repair depend on the working condition and running state of it.
=== DRIVER ===

The boiler feedwater pump is driven by the motor through the coupling The gear, membrane coupling and hydraulic coupling can be used according to client's requirements. The pump can be driven by turbine or motor.The rotating direction of pumps are clockwise when viewed from the driving end.
Pump TypeFlow
QDG 6-253.75-7.573.5-3064-112950
QDG 12-257.5-1569-338.45.5-222950
QDG 12-507.5-15139.5-64818.5-752950
QDG 25-3015-3082.5-34015-452950
QDG 25-5015-3015.78-61822-1102950
QDG 46-3030-5581-34022-752950
QDG 46-5030-55138-66637-1322950
QDG 85-4555-10078-45937-1602950
QDG 85-6755-100183-66690-2502950

=== FAQ ===

A. The completed supply of electric water supply pump group includes:
1 Water supply pump, pre-pump and its inlet filtering screen
2 Motor
3 Hydraulic coupler and oil cooler for both working and lubricating oils
4 Check valve at the outlet of the water supply pump
5 Minimum flow device : includes recycling valve, stop valve and flow measurer
6 Clutch and other accessories
7 Oil thin station
8 Of which the motor, recycling valve, hydraulic coupler, oil thinning station, check valve,pre-pump, stop valve and flow measurer can also be purchased by clients and this Co.will be in charge of technical coordination.
B. Please provide the following parameters when to order the product of this Co.:
1. Flows at the outlet of the water supply pump and the tap (boosting class)
2. Pressures(or the pump group's head) at the outlet of the water supply pump and the inlet of the pre-pump
3. Water supply temperature
4. Pump group's type(steam-powered or electric pump)
5. The installation dimensions are to be provide at order upon the contract requirement 

>>>Company Introduction
Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is one over 30 years experienced pump manufacturer (established at 1986) in mining and mineral, power plant, dredging and dredge, hydraulic, irrigation, pulp transfer, chemical, construction, sea water and oil & gas transfer etc.; An Pump Machinery is the pump factory has its own pump selection & design, research and development team to assure provide you efficient, energy saving slurry pump, water pump, diesel water pump, chemical pump and irrigation pump in selection & design, use and maintenance program.
An Pump Machinery is the pump factory approved by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We also have the certificate of CE. Our factory is over 50,000 square meters with the professional engineer over 20. The Max casting parts weight we could do one time is 7 tons. And we have capacity to produce 600 tons per month and with the heat treatment furnace dimension 6mx5.5mx2.5m. The Max parts we could machine is 6.4 meters and we have capacity to assemble the pump over 1800mm and our cranes capacity is 30 tons.
An Pump Machinery products include slurry pump, sewage pump, water pump, acid resistant or chemical pump, irrigation pumps, fire pumps and other products exported to over 90 countries all over the world. The application covers many fields, such as mining and mineral processing, dredger, tailings transportation, mining, steel, desulfurization pump, boiler feed water, construction, irrigation, water conservancy facilities, sewage treatment, drainage and water supply.
In the era of rapid development of science and technology, An Pump Machinery team take the entrepreneurial spirit "excellence and constant product quality, brand known worldwide and Credit-based", business purpose "the achievements of create brand enterprise and industry pioneer", to help you out and provide quality & cheap innovative products!
(1). Q: Are you a trading company or manufacture?
    A: An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is a real large professional manufacturer more than 32 years, in China, produce with our own factory.
(2). Q: what's your factory workshops ?
    A: My factory produce include casting, mechanical process, lathe process, heat treatment, assembly, and test etc.
         Warmly welcome to visit & test my factory any time.
(3). Q: How about your QI series centrifugal end scution pump price?
    A: We are sure our price is factory price, and insist hig quality for our long term cooperation.
(4). Q: What is your QI series end suction pump material ?
    A: For the QI end suction pump, we could produce cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, bronze, and material high CrMoNi alloy.
        And we could also produce as your requirements.
(5).Q: What kind of liquid can your QI series centrifugal end suction pump transfer?
    A: Liquid range: water, chemical liquid, hot water, sewage etc.
(6). Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
    A:"Quality is priority. we always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.
         Our factory has 15~30 QC.
(7). Q: Is it easy for customers to change the parts by myselves ?
    A: yes, the structure is simple ,customers can change it very easliy. We will also supply you maintenance tools for free.
(8). Q: How about your gravel pump warranty?
    A: 1 year warranty for commplete setpump, 6-8 months for wet parts,  it depends on other pump working condition details.
(9). Q: How to do if the pump or parts have operatation problem within your warranty?
    A:  Tell me details timely, and show me pictures, we will send you pump solution at once without any hesistation.
(10). Q: Can you install the electric motor or diesel engine with the pump for us ?
      A: yes, we can, it's no problem, we are experienced in this .
(11): Q: .we don't know which pump model we need ,can you help us ?
      A: yes, please tell me your detail requirements, include liquid, flow rate, head etc,
          my engineers team wiill calculate & select most suitable pump model for you, offer pump solution for you.
(12). Q:How long can you reply us if we send an inquiry ?
      A: Generall with in 2 hours, we will send you official quotation sheet, with price, technology data, performance curve, dimension etc.
(13). Q: What are your advantages,why should I choose you?
    A:  Higher Quality, our parts have 30% longer life than the originals
         Short Delivery Time, for normal parts,we have stock in our warehouse
         Competitive Price, we can help you cut down the cost by 30% or more
        Best Services, we have technical department, quality control department and a professional sales team, we will offer professional service for you any time. 

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