Brushless water pump booster pump water heater

The pump without power supply, power supply to the other match, dc water pump, water pump is voltage DC24V pumps, with DC12V DC24V power supply voltage match vehicle with DC12V power supply only can use the water pump, there is no self-priming function!(cannot be used directly with 220 v ac voltage)Model: JT - 600 b/D (two-phase

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Brushless Water Pump Booster Pump Water Heater

The pump without power supply, power supply to the other match, dc water pump, water pump is voltage DC24V pumps, with DC12V DC24V power supply voltage match vehicle with DC12V power supply only can use the water pump, there is no self-priming function!
(cannot be used directly with 220 v ac voltage)
Model: JT - 600 b/D (two-phase) JT - 600 b3 / D3 (three-phase)
1. The rated voltage: DC12V or 24 v
2. Had better not use voltage overpressure.
3. The no-load current rating: 0.5 A
4. The no-load spit water: 650 l/H
5. Lift: 12 v specification lift 3.3 meters, 24 v specifications lift 4.1 meters
6. When the load current rating: 0.75 A
7. No suction
8. Noise: 40 db MAX (0.5 M) within 30 db background noise,
9. The use of fluid: tap water, underground water
10. The water temperature, and 40 ° C to 100 ° C
11. Environmental humidity: 45% ~ 90%
12, the working life 20000 hours of continuous use
13, the motor;Brushless motor
14, heavy quantity: 150 g
The power cord length: according to user requirements
It can customize according to user requirements and in accordance with the requirements of the customer to design the water pump
Scope of application:
Can be used for computer water-cooling system, solar fountains, desktop fountain, handicraft, coffee machines, water dispensers, tea, wine pourer, soilless cultivation, shower, bath, fu washer, water pick, pressurized water heater, water mattress, hot water circulation, swimming pool water filtration, wash feet massage basin, surfing massage bathtub, auto cooling circulatory system, oiler, humidifier, air conditioner, washing machine, medical equipment, the cooling system, the product that defend bath.
Brushless dc pumps (new magnetic isolation pump) advantages
Magnetic pump is a kind of magnetic transmission to realize non-contact torque transmission with static seal instead of dynamic seal, make the pump to achieve a complete, solves the problem of "run, run, drip, leak", eliminates the oil refining chemical industry flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful medium through the pump seal leakage of potential safety problems, effectively guarantee the staff's physical and mental health and safety in production.
Compared with the dc brushless motor type pump, magnetic pump has the following advantages:
1. The pump shaft by dynamic seal into a closed static sealed and completely avoid the media leak.Can be amphibious, and completely waterproof.
2. No independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing the energy consumption.
3. Low consumption, high efficiency, and reducing vibration and damping, reduce the influence of vibration on the pump motor and pump cavitation vibration effects on motor.
4. Overload when the rotor will skidding on ceramic shaft, the motor and pump has a protective effect
5. Brushless dc pumps used electronic components for reversing, without using the carbon brush, with high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and graphite sleeve, sleeve by molding and also avoids the magnet into whole wear and therefore the life of the brushless dc magnetic force pump greatly enhanced.Magnetic isolation pump is completely isolated, part of the stator and rotor part of the stator part and circuit board using epoxy potting, 100% waterproof, part adopts permanent magnet rotor, pump body use environmental protection material, low noise, small size, stable performance.Can adjust the various parameters needed by the stator winding, can run wide voltage.
Advantages: long life, low noise can reach below 35 db, can be used for hot water circulation.Part of the motor stator and circuit board using epoxy potting and completely isolated from the rotor, can be underwater installation and completely waterproof, water pump with high performance precision steel shaft axis, high precision, good vibration resistance.
Working principle of the brushless dc pumps, magnetic pumps)
Magnet brushless dc magnetic drive pump with the impeller injection as a body of the motor rotor, the rotor in the middle of a direct injection molding of the axle housing, by the high performance ceramic shaft fixed in the shell, motor stator using epoxy resin adhesive with circuit board part potting in the pump body, with a layer of thin wall isolation between stator and rotor, do not need to match with the traditional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed.Motor torque is through the silicon steel sheet (stator) in a magnetic field coil after electrify driven permanent magnet (rotor) work operation.To n (n is even) magnet magnetization make each other of part of the magnets complete coupling magnetic system.When the stator winding of magnetic pole and magnetic pole in the heteropolar relatively, namely between the two poles of displacement Angle Φ = 0, the magnetic system of magnetic energy minimum;When the magnetic rotation to homopolar relative, that is, between the two poles of displacement Angle Φ = 2 PI/n, the magnetic system of magnetic energy is the largest.Get rid of external force, due to the magnetic poles repel each other, system magnetic will restore the magnet to the magnetic energy of the lowest state.Produce and magnet, magnetic rotor rotates.
Brushless dc pumps by electronic commutation, the need for carbon brush, magnetic rotor and the stator silicon steel sheet have multilevel, when the magnet rotor relative to the stator rotating an Angle will automatically change the direction of magnetic pole, to keep the rotor always rejected, at the same level so that the brushless dc magnetic isolation pump with high speed and efficiency.
Magnetic isolation pump stator and the rotor is completely isolated, completely avoid the traditional brushless dc motor type pump liquid leakage problems.And can be used fully submerged and completely waterproof, effectively improve the service life of the pump and performance.

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